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The RoofSnap Free-Trial Experience

Posted by Josh Strehle on 1/6/20 6:30 AM

If you’ve been in the market for business software before, you’ll know that most companies offer some combination of free trials, demos, or sneak-peeks at the software before you make a purchase decision. Our software is no exception, but we have our free-trial structured a little differently to offer you the best assessment experience available. We’re going to take a walk through a RoofSnap trial and show you what to expect in this week’s blog.

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Roofing In Winter

Posted by Josh Strehle on 11/26/18 6:30 AM


With the first snow of the season already past our offices here in Columbus, Ohio. We’re definitely feeling the winter season closing in on us. While that doesn’t apply to all of our friends in the roofing industry, for those of you in the Northern latitudes, it’s almost time to pack in the tools and call an end to shingling for the year. That doesn’t work is over with though, this week’s blog is here to give you some suggestions on how to do more for your company than hibernate this winter season.

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The Benefits Of Demoing Software To Find The Right Fit

Posted by Jason Moore on 11/23/16 1:30 PM


      Software is the most pertinent tool you can implement to simplify, organize, and streamline your work flow.  No matter what industry you are in, software is the key to efficiency across your organization. One of the most important decisions to make now is choosing applications that makes sense for you and your business. 

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