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What can Automation do for you?

Posted by Josh Strehle on 9/24/18 9:01 AM

We are living in a world of convenience, where Google tells you football scores without you having to open your phone, and tweeting a pizza emoji to Dominos gets your favorite pizza delivered. When everything seems to be accessible at a touch of a button, you might be wondering, why can’t roofing measurements? Well with a little magic from our developer team and an API integration with your CRM, RoofSnap can make that happen. That’s what we’ll be talking about in this week’s blog.


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Are you Up-to-date?

Posted by Josh Strehle on 9/10/18 9:04 AM

We love releasing new features. As a software company, there is a lot of work to keep our services secure, squash the occasional bug, and stay up to date with the requirements of different platforms that stay behind the scenes. Often enough,
projects that take weeks of our developers' time get released to fanfare like below.

Feature releases are the work that customers not only get to see but also use to improve their own workflows. As former roofers ourselves, giving the industry new tools is what RoofSnap is all about, and seeing how they react to those tools is usually rewarding in itself. What really takes the wind out of our sails is when we release updates that customers never see, and that's the topic of this week's blog.

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Online roofing resources

Posted by Josh Strehle on 7/30/18 9:00 AM

If you were to type "Roofing" into your browser's search bar right now, your first page would likely be filled with roofing contractors. (Hopefully your own site shows up in there as well.) In fact, it's not until the second page that you even get to the Wikipedia definition of roofing, which is just a disambiguation page we might add! With that in mind, we've set out this week to pass on some of our favorite online roofing resources to you.

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Posted by Josh Strehle on 6/18/18 8:50 AM

In the not-so-distant days of roofing's past, there were only a few ways to obtain your linear and area measurements. They involved measuring tapes of varying length (not always long enough for the eave), measuring wheels that slip and slide depending on the surface, and expensive measurement reports from a single industry player. 

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