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The RoofSnap IRE 2020 Experience

Posted by Josh Strehle on 2/11/20 6:15 AM


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RoofSnap's 2020 Convention Schedule

Posted by Josh Strehle on 1/20/20 6:15 AM


If you're heading to a roofing industry event in the next few weeks, chances are we will be there too! Check out our planned convention schedule below and make sure to stop by and say hi to our team if you're in the area!

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Trade Show Tips

Posted by Josh Strehle on 10/15/18 6:30 AM


As we prepare ourselves for the MRCA in Omaha later this month, we’ve been thinking a lot about what we need to take with us. Conventions are excellent places to network and find friends, clients, and suppliers, but all that networking requires some resources. This week’s blog is a guide to preparing for conventions that can benefit any company, big or small. So get your brick of business cards ready and read on!


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Scaling your Small Roofing Business

Posted by Josh Strehle on 10/1/18 9:15 AM

One of the toughest parts of the roofing business is breaking into it. Although start-up costs for a roofer can be relatively low compared to other entrepreneurial ventures, building a company from a 3-man crew into a successful enterprise is not for the faint of heart. Many of our customers have already been through those growing pains. For those out there taking their first steps into the field, this week’s blog has some tips for initial growth.

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