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Using RoofSnap for Storm Restoration

Posted by Josh Strehle on 8/2/19 6:30 AM

RoofSnap’s remote measuring solutions are ideal for contractors working in a storm environment. Unlimited projects mean no limits on the number of bids you can place. Syncing across platforms means you can start projects on-site and finish at your office (wherever that may be.) And SketchOS is there to take measurements off your hands entirely, and let you concentrate on helping homeowners recover.

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After a Hurricane, How can you help?

Posted by Josh Strehle on 9/17/18 9:00 AM

In the roofing industry, big storms are big business. Moody's Analytics estimates that 2017's Hurricane Harvey caused $97 billion in damages alone, not accounting for lost output from the storm. While not all of that money makes its way into damaged roofs, it's sure that a significant portion of it does. And while the winds that blow off tiles and shingles in affected areas fill the sails of the storm restoration industry, we can't overlook the human toll that these storms continue to take. Here are some ways we can help.

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