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RoofSnap's Drone Picks 2018

Posted by Josh Strehle on 7/23/18 8:46 AM


Our support staff get a lot of questions, and they're ALWAYS happy to answer them, but one of the most frequent is which drones do we at RoofSnap suggest for taking aerial photographs.  This week we're going to break down our favorite drones for 2018, what we do fly and what we wish we were flying. And whether you're looking for the best overall or the best value for your money, we'll have a drone for you.

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Posted by Josh Strehle on 6/11/18 4:01 PM

If you've been a RoofSnap subscriber or a drone-flying roofing contractor for any amount of time, you know that leaves are one of the few things that stand between you and a clear view of your project's roof. Besides being a hazard to your drone's rotors, fully leafed trees can obscure vital portions of the eaves and, in more forested areas, entire homes from satellite and aerial photography.

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Measuring Roofs with Drones and RoofSnap

Posted by Jason Moore on 7/25/16 1:00 PM


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New Drone Regulations for Roofing Contractors

Posted by Jesse Whittington on 6/27/16 6:18 PM

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