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RoofSnap Comes to Canada

Posted by Josh Strehle on 6/18/19 6:30 AM
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RoofSnap’s integrated imagery partners recently expanded their coverage to include 60 metropolitan areas in most Canadian provinces! RoofSnap subscribers can now measure in high definition in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and more. SketchOS reports can also be ordered in the same coverage areas, bringing RoofSnap’s popular measurement service to users across North America. Read on for details!

RoofSnap comes to Canada in HD!

What brings RoofSnap to Canada?

RoofSnap has always had Canadian customers, but without high-definition imagery coverage in the area, our users were limited to standard resolution imagery or uploading their own imagery for measurements. As of last week, one of our imagery partners, Nearmap, has expanded their coverage to include about 64% of Canada’s population. That means that our accurate DIY tools and our SketchOS service can now be used anywhere in our expanded coverage area.

Canada's Parliament building in all it's glory!

Parliament may not need a new roof any time soon, but just in case...

I’m located in Canada, how can I try RoofSnap?

Trying RoofSnap in Canada is the same process as any other trial sign-up. Simply navigate to RoofSnap.com, click the Sign-Up button, and create your trial account. Every trial comes with 14-days of full software access as well as a free measurement from SketchOS, our Sketch Ordering Service. During your trial period, you’ll be able to create projects in your area and test the imagery coverage to see if it works for you. (We’d suggest checking your area’s coverage before placing your free SketchOS order, to avoid order rejection due to lack of imagery coverage.)

If you need assistance signing up, or have any questions, contact our sales team at Hello@RoofSnap.com

Vancouver's Convention Center is a big project!

Save enough time measuring your commercial projects, and hop on a cruise from Vancouver!

Are any other coverage expansions coming soon?

RoofSnap is always working on expanding our integrated imagery options, and we have some exciting partnerships in the works. Keep an eye on our social media outlets, our newsletters, and of course, this blog, for future announcements.

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