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Why You Should Skip the Manual Measurements

Here at RoofSnap, we concentrate on improving things with technology, whether that’s beating the heat during the summer sales season or making it easier to keep your notes organized. We also don’t speak poorly of the “traditional” ways of doing business. We know old-school methods have been proven useful, and

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Document Deep Dive: Contract

Documents Deep Dive: Contracts

“Getting down to brass tax”, “sealing the deal”, “signing on the dotted line”— whatever you call the end of your sales process, it’s a crucial step. That’s why RoofSnap makes building, revising, signing, and sharing your contracts as easy as possible. We’ll take you on a tour of what shows

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RoofSnap's High-Definition Imagery Header

RoofSnap’s High-Definition Imagery

If you’ve used a map software like Google Earth in the last couple of years, you know that they’re not always up to date. When you’re trying to scout a job site or measure a roof remotely, you’re relying on your imagery source to reflect the site’s current conditions. Stale

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Effectively Measuring Pitch Featured Image

Effectively Measuring Pitch

If you’ve ever listened to a child play a recorder, then you know that pitch is key to a good rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. While an off-pitch recorder can hurt your ears, bad pitch values can destroy your roof measurements’ accuracy. Over-ordering or under-ordering materials from inaccurate

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Summer Roofing Sales Tips

Hot weather, homeowners on vacation, production queues backing up – the summer season is a hard one for roofing industry salespeople. While some in the industry take a vacation to skip the summer doldrums, we know there are many out there that continue to set appointments all season long. For

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Document Deep Dive: Pre Start Checklist

It’s not very often your customers are getting their roofs replaced. When it does happen, make sure the process is as streamlined as possible by using a Pre-Start Checklist. By using a pre-start checklist, you can communicate with your clients about the steps they need to take before you begin

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How RoofSnap Helps Respond to Storms

While we’ve already seen a couple of storms, this week marks the official start to 2020’s hurricane season. RoofSnap’s tools save the average roofing company time and money when responding to customer calls, and that efficiency is even more valuable when restoring storm-hit areas. Read on, and we’ll touch on

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Document Deep Dive: Summary Report

If you’re curious about whether or not your bids are producing the right amount of profit, you should be using RoofSnap’s summary report, our most informative document. It not only displays the total contract price of your projects, but also calculates your estimated commissions, total costs incurred, applicable taxes and

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What Can You Do With Digital Documents?

If there’s one thing every small business owner hates, it’s paperwork. Forms, receipts and proposals fill folders and cover desks almost everywhere business is done. With Roofsnap, you’ll cut out the clutter (and the papercuts) by storing, sharing and even signing your RoofSnap documents digitally. In this week’s blog, we’ll

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Good, Better, Best-style Estimates, Do They Work?

Consumers love having options. When starting a new home improvement project, homeowners will often shop around to compare estimates from several companies. But what if they got a few different estimates from one company, your company specifically? In this week’s blog, we’re tackling why offering “Good, Better, Best” estimates to

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