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How To Properly Use Pitch Finder Apps

Posted by Jesse Whittington on 5/3/17 1:25 PM


 The slope, or pitch of a roof is one of the most important aspects to consider when estimating. If you miscalculate the pitch, it will likely throw off your labor & material quantities, as well as the labor rates themselves. Checking the pitch carefully & correctly will help you to prevent costly mistakes.

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New Drone Regulations for Roofing Contractors

Posted by Jesse Whittington on 6/27/16 6:18 PM

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Roof Estimating 101

Posted by Jesse Whittington on 9/10/15 2:31 PM


Per square bidding is costing you money! We can't say that enough. Everyone knows that low bids mean lots of jobs with low profits & high bids mean lost jobs. So why wouldn't you want the most accurate bid possible on every project?

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iPad Tips & Tricks That Every Roofer Should Know

Posted by Jesse Whittington on 9/9/15 3:52 PM


Everyday more and more roofing contractors are switching to iPads to run their companies. They're a great tool for the modern contractor, but if you're new to iOS, you may not be taking full advantage of your device's capabilities. 

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