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3 Award-Winning Roofing Projects to Inspire You!

Posted by Jason Moore on 2/26/18 9:00 AM

We’re always impressed by the amazing roofs that architects design and roofing contractors bring to life. Here are 3 award-winning roofing projects to inspire you:

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Multi-platform roofing software and solutions

Posted by Jason Moore on 2/19/18 9:00 AM

As the world goes mobile, more time is spent away from the office and at the project site. Smartphones and tablets, combined with on-the-go applications and more time spent on project sites, means that people generally have all the tools and technology they need in their pocket. But how do they make sure that this information is available on all of the platforms they use?

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Decision makers are moving towards specialized, niche apps.

Posted by Jason Moore on 2/12/18 9:00 AM

The days when people opted for off-the-shelf, all-in-one software solutions are gone. As people become more technologically savvy, they are driving the demand for specialized software apps that meet their unique challenges.

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What Experts Expect from The Construction Industry In 2018

Posted by Jason Moore on 2/5/18 9:05 AM

Towards the end of last year, ConstructConnect, the Association of General Contractors of America (AGC), and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) presented a webcast entitled 2018 Construction and Design Outlook: Cheery or Dreary? During this webcast, economists Alex Carrick (ConstructConnect), Kermit Baker (AIA), and Ken Simonson (AGA) gave their insights and forecasts for 2018. They predicted that while spending in the construction sector will remain strong this year, the amount of growth will be less than in 2017.

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Online Tools for Roofing Estimators, Contractors, and Insurance Adjusters Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Jason Moore on 12/25/17 9:00 AM

2017 has been a difficult year in the United States due to weather events. From the California wildfires to the Florida hurricanes, 2017 could be the most costly year for natural disasters according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With most roofing estimators, contractors, and insurance adjusters busier than ever, the right online tools can help them be more responsive to customers.

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Roofing Apps for Contractors in The Residential and Commercial Roofing Industry

Posted by Jason Moore on 12/18/17 9:00 AM

In the residential and commercial roofing industry, as in most industries, companies need to deliver the best quality work at reasonable prices. Customers are better educated today than ever and demand that the value equation between high quality services and price be balanced. Mobile roofing apps have emerged as valuable tools for roofing specialists to meet customer demands and improve their businesses. These tools are accurate, quick, and cost-effective.

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How Accurate Are Online Roofing Estimators and Tools?

Posted by Jason Moore on 12/11/17 9:00 AM

Technology has transformed the roofing industry in the last five years. Roofing apps help contractors to:

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Why Contractors and Adjusters Use Mobile Roofing Estimator Software

Posted by Jason Moore on 12/4/17 9:00 AM

2017 has come to a close and 2018 is well underway. Do you find yourself wondering where the time went? Days seem to pass by more quickly every year and instant gratification has become the norm. Getting results is not enough: results today need to be almost instantaneous. As a result, roofing contractors and adjusters have increased their use of mobile roof measuring and estimating software.

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Inaccurate measurements are a significant profit killer in the roofing industry.

Posted by Jason Moore on 3/23/17 4:04 PM


Guest Post By: Mark Craney (Authentic Restoration LLC)

Inaccurate measurements are a significant profit killer in the roofing industry.  This is even more true if your business is involved in insurance roof replacements. At Authentic Restoration, we use RoofSnap to measure roofs at all our locations; Indianapolis, IN, Birmingham, AL, Charlotte and Raleigh, NC ( 

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The Benefits Of Demoing Software To Find The Right Fit

Posted by Jason Moore on 11/23/16 1:30 PM


      Software is the most pertinent tool you can implement to simplify, organize, and streamline your work flow.  No matter what industry you are in, software is the key to efficiency across your organization. One of the most important decisions to make now is choosing applications that makes sense for you and your business. 

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